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Dajiang Environment has created a global leading technology R&D platform, and serves as an industry pioneer to foster smart ideas on converting pollutants into renewable resources for recycling and promotes sustainable urban development by providing integrated environmental technical services of (waste) water treatment and solid waste disposal.

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Innovation Platform

The innovation platform integrates the resources and entrepreneurship from top universities and research institutes at home and abroad to realize a quick transformation of research achievements from demonstration projects to industrialization.

  • Tsinghua-Dajiang Water Quality and Water Ecology Joint Research Center
  • JIANGDAO Institute of Environmental Research
  • Nanjing Water Innovation Institute
  • Sino-US Next Generation Municipal Sewage Treatment Technology Platform
  • Sino-Australia Urban Water Management Center
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Tsinghua-Dajiang Water Quality and Water Ecology Joint Research Center

With the support of  scientific research resource in the school of  Environment, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua-Dajiang Water Quality and Water Ecology Joint Research Center was established, taking the advantages of the industrial platform of Dajiang Environment Corporation.

Facing extremely complex technical problems on water environment, the joint research center aims to develop cooperative research on technologies centering on water purification and reclamation and water ecological management, with a commitment to promoting the transformation of scientific research results, and striving to provide support for the improvement of environmental protection technology in China.

JIANGDAO Institute of Environmental Research

Nanjing Jiangdao Institute of Environmental Research (JDIER) is an open and internationalized neotype R&D institution, co-founded by Nanjing University, Jianye District Government, and Dajiang Environment Corporation. It was approved to be the “Neotype R&D Institution for the Construction of Famous Innovation City – Two Implementations and One Integration Project” of  Nanjing in 2018.

JDIER is aiming to be developing as  the  top-ranking innovation platform with multiple functions of R&D and innovation, technology transfer,  business incubation.

Nanjing Water Innovation Institute

Nanjing Water Innovation Institute was co-established by Nanjing Tap Water Central Company, Nanjing Water Supply and Drainage Engineering Design Institute and Dajiang Environment Corporation, with water-tech innovation and commercialization, and talent cultivation as its core.  Projects build & operation will be carried out in drinking water and sewer pipeline inspection and restoration technology, WWTP upgrading technology and key equipment, Technology and equipment for sludge disposal and treatment, Smart water and sensing technology.

Sino-US Next Generation Municipal Sewage Treatment Technology Platform

In partnership with the team of Dr. Glen T.Daigger(A Member of National Academy of Engineering, USA and a Professor at the University of Michigan), this platform  focuses on and encourages R&D, application and promotion of the next-generation wastewater treatment technology and complete sets of equipment in energy and nutrients recovery, high-efficiency, low-energy-consumption wastewater treatment and advanced nitrogen removal.

Sino-Australia Urban Water Management Center

The project has introduced a research group led by Professor Yuan Zhiguo, a fellow of Australian Academy of Technology & Engineering, and set up a work team at the University of Queensland and Nanjing respectively to transfer advanced patented technology and transform S&T achievements, whilst promoting technology industrialization. The center provides technical consultation and related technical services on integrated municipal wastewater treatment; and R&D, production and sales of smart water quality monitoring sensors and other equipment.

Future Water Center

The Future Water Center is located in the Singapore-Nanjing Eco Hi-Tech Island, designed to make a global impact on international water research excellence by providing the most cutting-edge and high-efficiency platform and bringing together global leading industrial innovations.This is the symbol of long-term solutions in urban water ecological management and sustainability for a new era.

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International Water Environment Management Summit

The International Water Environment Management Summit aims to deepen the exchange and cooperation between the Eco Hi-tech Island water science industry and the international frontier water technology and innovation organizations, and facilitate the Future Water Center to build world-leading water science and technology innovation and industry clusters. The summit is also branded as a long-standing event in the Nanjing Eco Hi-Tech Island, and designed to provide an international professional platform for industry leaders and experts to exchange water technologies and develop innovative cooperation.

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